Seminar with swami Maheshananda

05 - 07 june 2020 Loenen Netherlands

Internatioinal seminar. Unfortunately our teacher Swami Maheshananda from Lonavala will not come to the Netherlands this year. Right now we are working on an alternative programme to practice and study yoga together. We think, that despite the absence of Swamiji and Angelica it's still possible to offer an inspiring and uplifting weekend together.

Swami Maheshananda of Lonavala India

These are the topics that came by last seminar.

  • What is the meaning of EGO, and how does it appear?
  • How can you engage the EGO consciously, and what happens if you don`t ?
  • Do you want to change yourself, or rather change others?
  • Are you allowing your EGO to play tricks on you, or are you ready to reflect your behaviour?
  • How does duality appear in your life?
  • How can you find durable inner peace?
One doesn’t attend a retreat to meet others, but to meet the Self.