Seminar on Pranaayaama New date!

10 - 12 July 2020 Loenen Netherlands

First Swami Maheshananda could not come to visit us this year. Then the covid pandemic made us postpone the event. But we realy want to come together to study yoga in depth, so we found a new date. Due to legislation at this moment, we can come together with 10 participants. Of course everything can change again. And if that happens we will ajust our plans again.
It´s a great chance to take some free time in this wonderful small Babaji ashram near Loenen close to Arnhem. Those of you who where here in the last years know, that’s a special joy to be here.
This year we want to offer a real retreat to dive deeply into an intensive yoga practice, for this makes us individually feel the positive changes through asana,
pranayama and meditation. So you will find yourself at the end of the weekend much more vital and centered. A competent teacher team will guide you.
A special focal point lies at the breathing exercises, which will especially deepen your practice.
Beside of that we can participate in the ashram life and have contact to and exchange with all the well-known or new interesting people.
We would be very happy if you could come and be with us together to uplift the energies and joy of life.
And as you know: You never walk alone! We are a big yoga family and support us in our development.

For further details please contact us!
We're looking forward to see you again or come to know you.
With best and hearty regards, Claudia, Thomas, Michiel and Janaki

One doesn’t attend a retreat to meet others, but to meet the Self.